NIKAVI Bike Chain Lube Spray & Chain Cleaner Spray_ 800 ml

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NIKAVI chain lube is an amazing power spray lubricant, suitable for all chain care needs. Spray it once or twice, and make chains, cable, smooth and greasy. The special Para-Film formula assures a complete and long-term protection from water, humidity, etc. It is highly flammable, so try not to spray it on chains, cable, near the open flame……nikavi bike chain cleaner and degreaser products have been designed to provide essential bike maintenance. Developed specifically for bikes, the line makes bike maintenance easy for riders of all levels to optimize bike safety and elevate performance so you can ride with confidence while meeting the high demands of pro-level riders. The nikavi chain degreaser formulated with specialized solvents which break down grease and grime and other solvents whose speciality is removing organic soils like dust and dirt. The nikavi chain cleaner degreaser is the fastest way to clean a drivetrain. For most applications, speciality brushes and tools are not required. Since nikavi bike chain cleaner degreaser leaves no residue and dries rapidly, the lubricant can be immediately applied and the bike can go on its way. Nikavi bike cleaner and degreaser is a deep penetrating formula that works quickly to remove stubborn grease and grime from drivetrains. Effective foaming action cleans within seconds and wipes away with no rinsing required. It doesn’t contain citrus that can damage plastics and bike frame finishes.

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