Motomax Bike & Car Cream Polish-60 g

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  • High Gloss Finish – The bike and car Cream Polish can be mixed with minimum buffing to provide a high-gloss showroom finish. It also comes with an applicator sponge that can be used to smoothly operate the gloss over the vehicle.
  • Easy Application – Easy to apply, the cream forms a water repellent layer that adds to the shine of the paint job to give the car or bike a new-look type of finish.
  • Smoothness – The Carnuba wax provides a good slip that adds a bit of smoothness to the surface, and the micro polishing agents remove scratches and haze to make the exterior look as good as new.
  • Multi-purpose – The bike & car cream polish is of multi-purpose; it helps shine and protect the surface of the paint on your vehicle. It can be judiciously used, with just a little applicant enough to clean large surface areas.
  • Versatile – This product can also double up as a bike and car polish, allowing for easier application and forms a Water Repellent layer.

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