Bike Chain Lubricant Spray-220 ml

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  • Brand: SAP

  • Chain Oil

  • For All Bike and Bicycle

  • Suitable For: Chain

  • Quantity: 220 ml

  • Pack of 1

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Bike Chain Lubricant Spray-220 ml


Brand: SAP

Quantity: 220 ml


SAP Chain Lube protects your chain from corrosion and deterioration. It is recommended for O-ring and X-ring chains and improves performance on regular use. It is anti-spatter and quick drying.




Sales Package
  • 1
Vehicle Brand
  • Universal For Bike
Vehicle Model Name
  • Universal For Bike
Usage Instructions
  •  Ensure that the chain is clean and free of oil, grease and superficial impurities.,
  •  Place the bike on the main stand, fire-up the engine, and shift to the first gear.,
  •  Hold the can upright at a distance of 10 – 12 inches and use the spray extension tube for easy application.,
  •  Spray the product uniformly on the surface covering all accessible sides.,
  •  After application, turn the can upside-down and spray to clear the nozzle.
Weight 400 g


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