3300414 Royal Enfield Essentials Rust Cleaner -150 ml


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Part No: 3300414

Royal Enfield Essentials Rust Cleaner- 150 ml


Product Advantages

  • Multi-functional formula to protect, lubricate and maintain parts.
  • safeguards from corrosion, and humidity.
  • Forms non-drying oily anti-corrosion film.
  • Penetrates quickly, and loosens jammed parts efficiently.
  • Safe on most rubber, plastic and metal parts.
  • Does not contain silicones or chlorinated solvents.
  • Creates long term wet and anti-corrosion film.

Product Application

  • Lubrication of mechanical parts.
  • Loosening of tight and rusted nuts and bolts.
  • Sensitive electronic sockets, pins and plugs.
  • Provides rust prevention for reassembled parts.
  • Spark plug, ceramic insulators, key and ignition, main switch, door hinges, nuts and bolts.

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